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The Automatic Payment Plan

The Automatic Payment Plan is a service that draws funds from your checking or savings account automatically to pay your monthly electric bill. It has become a very popular way of making routine payments of all kinds, and we are pleased to be able to offer it to our members.

Your payment is made automatically each month. This is available to any customer, including those enrolled in the budget billing plan. There is no charge for this service from Jay County REMC or your financial institution.

Once you are enrolled in the APP, you will receive a bill each month that includes the same information you now receive about usage and amount owed, but it will also say, " Bank draft do not pay" We will then withdraw payments from your account one to three days prior to the due date shown on your bill. All you have to do is remember to deduct the correct amount from your check book register.

If you are interested in the APP, print out the authorization form at the bottom of this page, fill it out, attach a check marked "VOID" or include a deposit slip from your bank account.
Mail these items to...

Jay County REMC
P.O. Box 904
Portland, IN 47371-0904

The enrollment process may take approximately two billing cycles to complete. Your bill will clearly indicate when the Automatic Payment Plan has been activated.

If you have questions about the APP, contact the office at
(260) 726-7121 or (800) 835-7362.

Click here to go to the printable form.

Easy APP Enrollment Steps.

1. Print this form.

2. Fill out the form.

3. Return the form to the REMC with a check marked "VOID" or include a deposit slip from your bank account.

4. Once the APP takes affect all you will have to do is deduct your bill amounts from your check book register each month.

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