Geothermal Heat Pumps

If you are planning on replacing your heating or cooling system or are building a new home, you may want to look into installing a geothermal heat pump. Heat pumps will save you energy and money. According to the EPA, "GeoExchange systems are the most energy efficient, environmentally clean, and cost effective space conditioning systems available."(Space Conditioning: The Next Frontier, April 1993)

A GHP system involve a more substantial investment upon installation, but their greater efficiency will help you recoup your installation cost in two to ten years. GHP require less maintenance costs than other climate control systems.

Benefits of GHP Systems

How do Geothermal Heat Pumps work?

Geothermal Heat Pumps rely on the relative warmth of the earth as a heat sink in the summer and as a heat source in the winter. GHPs use a systems of underground or underwater pipes, that transfer heat from the warmer earth or water source to the building in the winter and take the heat from the building in the summer and discharge it into the cooler ground. The beauty of a system like this one is that it eliminates the need for a separate furnace and air-conditioning system.

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