Proper Weatherization and Insulation can...

Saving Money

You can save up to 30% annually on you heating and cooling bills with proper insulation. The insulation that you will need in this area needs to have and R rating of 30 for your ceiling, 19 in your walls and 19 for your floors. Learn more about insulation ratings here.

How? Lets look at these examples...

If you insulate your attic...
If you insulate your entire house...

-Costs about $200.
(doing it yourself)

-Costs and average of $1,000-$2,000.
(using professionals)

Over all saving after you insulate...
You can save $140-400 per year.
Pays you back in 3-10 years, at present energy costs.

Preventing outside air from leaking in.

Why? Because small leaks can add up, a small 1/8" gap around an outside door can cost up to $14.00 a year.

Where to look.


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