1998 NRECA

The Community Service Network Building For The Future Award, honoring the most outstanding community-based project involving rural America's youth, was awarded to Jay County REMC in March of 1998.

Following is the narrative that accompanied the presentation:

Community Service Network
Building For The Future Award

When volunteers from Jay County REMC visited a local elementary school, they showed the children a flip chart with Nike, Pepsi, McDonald's and REMC logos on separate pages. As each page was turned, shouts of recognition rang out -- except for the REMC logo, which was greeted with silence. No recognition.

But that silence is being filled, thanks to the REMC's Electrical Education for Kids Program (EEK). It's a creative effort to raise cooperative awareness among students, and forge a link with tomorrow's consumers.

The program has already sent co-op volunteers to elementary schools in two counties. The plan is to visit all elementary, junior high and high schools in the system's service area. Visits are planned for October, to link up with Cooperative Month, and for May, to coincide with National Electrical Safety Month.

During each school visit, four co-op volunteers explain why REMCs were created and what they do in the community. During the presentation, students become familiar with the green-ball REMC logo. They also learn about metering, mapping, safety, personal protective equipment (PPE) and technological advances. Best of all, they get to ride in a co-op bucket truck.

Teachers get a set of classroom resources: an activity binder for future reference, videos on Ben Franklin and Thomas Edison, a science electrical kit and pencils and balloons to distribute to students.

The program really works. On a return visit to Deerfield Elementary, one of the co-op volunteers was surprised by first-graders shouting "It's the REMC lady!" They recognized her despite her being "out of uniform." And they recognized the electric system she represents.

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