Electricity Safety


Material having many free electrons makes a good conductor. Metal, standing water or wet objects, trees and people conduct electricity, meaning that electricity can travel through these objects easily. Copper and aluminum have many free electrons and therefore are widely used as conductors of electricity.

Non conductors or Insulators

Material having few free electrons makes a good electrical insulator. glass, plastic, rubber, porcelain, and clean dry wood contain few free electrons and, therefore are widely used as insulators of electricity

Overhead Line Safety

Outdoor Electrical Safety

Home Electrical Safety


Electrical Common Sense

1. Never touch or go near over head powerlines.

2. Never dig near padmount transformers or mess with transformers. Pad mounted transformers are for underground wiring. The transformers are inside sturdy metal cabinets that are locked for safety. Never dig near them or pry them open. If you find an unlocked padmount door, call the REMC.

3. Always call your Jay County REMC before trimming trees in or near power lines, and before you dig.

The Jay County REMC provides safety education programs.

Call us if you would like Jay County REMC to visit your school or organization.


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