We have upgraded our online system to a brand new application called SmartHub!

With the new SmartHub application you can look at your account, drill down into your monthly usage, enroll in auto pay, or even make one time payments each month. There truly is a SmartHub option that meets everyone's needs.

If you would like to make online payments or sign up for auto pay please go to jayremc.com/smarthub to register for the app today. Or if you prefer to use your phone you can find SmartHub in the app store.

Please check out some of our other convenient payments methods below.

Pay online button

Pay your bill whenever time is most available to you!

To Pay Online go directly through the new smarthub app!

Online Bill Pay is available to you 24 hours a day. The first time you pay online you will need to register your account. To do this you will need your account number, last name listed on the bill, and the email address associated with your account. 

Besides offering you the option to make an immediate payment, you can also set up autopay if that is more convenient for you.  If at any time you are having trouble with your account, you can call our office during normal business hours at (260) 726-7121 or (800) 835-7362. 

We do not charge any fees for paying your bill no matter how you pay.

You can pay your bill by phone. Call 844-937-1659 any time to make a payment over the phone using your credit/debit card or a checking or savings account.

Located outside the front doors to the Jay County REMC office, is our After Hours Drop Box.  This is a secure way to leave your payment at our office, during the day or after hours.  The Drop Box is directly under a security light and you are able to drive right beside it, so you don't have to get out in the rain or snow!  There are envelopes available so your payment doesn't get separated from the bill stub.  Please write the name of the account on the envelope, so the payment will be credited to the right account.

If you are making a payment to prevent a disconnect, you should not use our drop box option;  instead please personally deliver those payments to the office or make immediate payments by calling our pay by phone number at 844-937-1659. Or you can make an immediate online payment through our SmartHub portal. Go to jayremc.com/smarthub to register today. If making a payment on the day of disconnects please call the office to confirm your payment. 

Pay your monthly bill without leaving home!

We have a couple ways you can get your account set up for auto pay so that your payment will be automatically withdrawn from your account each month.

You can go to our home page and get signed up for the new SmartHub application. Within the app you will be able to look at your account, see your usage, as well as set your account up for auto pay. Navigating the tabs on the left of your portal choose "Pay My Bill" and then select the "Auto Pay Program". The system will walk you through it.

Or if you are more comfortable with having assistance setting up you auto pay, you can call our office directly at 260-726-7121 and speak with a customer service representative help you set up this feature.

You are not required to be on auto pay, this is simply a feature we offer for our members for convenience.

The Budget Billing Program helps members plan their monthly electric payments by paying equal amounts for their electricity each month. 

The budget amounts are calculated based on the previous 12 months of usage using the current rate along with other applicable charges, including security lights and sales tax. The 12th month will be used as a recalculation month where a new fixed budget amount will be determined based on the previous 12 months. Any credit due, or money owed, will be factored into this new monthly amount. This is a different process than in years past, as we changed data systems over the last year. 

To begin the Budget Billing program you must have a zero balance on your account prior to beginning the program.

To speak with someone about Budget Billing please call our office at (260) 726-7121 or (800) 835-7362. 

Payment Methods



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