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The Jay County REMC does more than just go out and fix people electricity problems! We also present safety programs for cub scouts, 4H groups, schools, service organizations and emergency personnel.

Showing kids the value of being safe around electricity is a good habit they can use throughout their lives.

#1 How to keep safe when inside a vehicle

If a power line hits your car, stay inside until emergency workers arrive. If you must get out due to fire or another emergency, then jump clear without touching the car and the ground at the same time. Land with your feet together. Shuffle away with your feet close together to get away from your car.

#2 What to do during electrical storms

Get inside. If you cannot find shelter indoors, go to low ground and crouch down. If you are outside, stay away from all trees and power poles. Do not use electrical appliances or telephone. Stay out of the shower or bathtub. Avoid trees and other tall or metal objects. Stay out of water.

#3 What not to do around the house.

Never put your fingers or anything other than an electrical plug or safety cap in an outlet. Pull by the plug, not by the cord, when unplugging appliances. Be alert for damage plugs or cords. Limit the number of appliances plugged into each outlet. Unplug small electrical appliances and toys when not in use. Do not use electrical appliances when you are wet, have wet hands, or are in standing water.

#4 Stay away from power lines

Never climb or play around a power pole or other electrical equipment. Assume all power lines have electricity flowing through them and stay away. Check for overhead wires running near or through trees before climbing, picking fruit, or raising ladders. If you see a power line on the ground or dangling in the air, call your local electric utility and also you should call 911. Be aware that some electrical appliances may still "carry a charge" even when unplugged. Call a qualified repair person to service them.

If you are interested in a safety program contact the REMC at (800) 853-7362 or (260) 726-7121.