Memberships with the REMC require some information to be set up in our system. Name, address, phone number and social security number are just to name a few. Also, a utilities credit check is performed to see if a refundable deposit would be owed.  If a deposit is owed, the amount is $200. Deposits will need to be paid before service can be transferred into your name. Since the REMC is a cooperative, we are required to have all member's signatures on file in our office. Membership Applications are created once deposits are paid and an account is created. 

Memberships with the REMC can be joint or single. 

Members who have single membership with the REMC and are married, you may update your account to be a joint membership. By doing this you and your spouse will have equal rights to the account. 

If you currently have a single membership with the REMC and are not married but choose to have an additional person on your account you will need to fill out an Authorization form so he/she will be able to conduct business on your account for you.

If you have any questions regarding that status of your membership or if you need to set up a new membership, call our office at (260) 726-7121 or (800) 835-7362.