We believe electrical safety education can make a tremendous impact on the safety of our membership.  Jay County REMC visits schools throughout the year to educate students on what to do around power lines and how they can keep themselves and their families safe.  It is our commitment to the community to ensure the safety of everyone in our community and keep them unharmed when it comes to electrical hazards.  If you are interested in an electrical safety program for your school or organization please contact our office at (800) 835-7362.

Whether it's Career Day for little ones or Reality Store for middle schoolers, our employees enjoy teaching our youth about good safety practices around electricity.

We have been lucky enough to visit many schools in our service area.  Our linemen and office employees educate kids about electrical safety in our Electrical Safety for Kids program.  Check out some of our most recent school program pictures.


Our Hotline Demo shows the dangers associated with power lines.  This demonstration shows what happens to hotdogs, kites and other objects that come in contact with power lines. 

The Jay County REMC's School Safety Program did it again!

The Silver Switch Award is given to honor outstanding programs for their successful and innovative efforts. This unique award provides national recognition to electric companies that have carried out meaningful electricity-for-agriculture programs, educational activities, or energy efficiency efforts that benefited both the rural consumer and the electric power supplier.

The Electrical Education for Kids (EEK) program was established to form a link between the schools and Jay County REMC. According to program leader Cindy Denney, the intent of the education and safety program is to strengthen their connection to future customers, future employees and to carry out their community/school partnering commitment. The EEK program enhances the visibility of Jay County REMC in the schools throughout the six Indiana counties served by the cooperative.

Jay County REMC employees have been very receptive to the EEK program. There have been employees waiting to volunteer. Those who have visited the school with the EEK program have given suggestions on how to change the program to make their portion better for the students.

The program is targeted specifically to three grade levels: 1st grade, 7th grade and 11th grade. "The intent is not to saturate the schools with the co-op's message, but to wet their taste buds for more", says Cindy Denney. Each level in the program is designed to build upon the previous level. The educational experience does not end when the REMC personnel have left the building. Instructional tools, such as educational videos, resource binders, and electrical science kits are left with teachers and librarians so that students may indulge their curiosity and increase their knowledge of electricity.

The Silver Switch award is presented annually by the National Food and Energy Council.